Strength for rejuvenation

David Olanipekun "Maverick"

As a young boy, I had great passion for basket ball and track events. A knee injury forced me to play down my basketball dreams and I turned to strengthening my body and changing as I liked.

From my very first push up, it’s been a fun journey till now and I’m not looking to stop anytime soon. It was easy for me because I needed little or no motivation to beat myself up into the shape I wanted.

However, watching people struggle to get in shape was and is still a painful sight.

It’s really not as hard as you might think or being led to believe. So I decided giving people a helping hand and sharing tips on how they can maintain that body and fitness level they desire is a life worth living.

I guess you can say I did it my way

The maverick way.

  • Bodybuilding
  • crossfit traning
  • weightloss and shredding
  • personalized workout plans


Adewale Scott

As a gifted and well trained fitness trainer,  my passion for fitness grew after winning several awards in sports and dance competition during school days…this sparked up my likeness for exercise and keeping fit which I never imagined. I started taking fitness classes for fun and I realised it was in me. I went further, got trained and certified. I’ve also worked with several fitness agencies and with my skills I was able to deliver effectively.

  • Dance aerobics
  • HIIT
  • Toning


Ogunsola Michael "FITMIKE"

I must say I never wanted to be a fitness coach, I didn’t like teaching anyone. As a kid I was strong and very competitive, I liked the tough sports. It didn’t take me too long in high school to discover that I’d love to have a great physique. The whole thing started out of self-love.

As I grew older I discovered how easily I attracted people who wanted to change something about their body, health and performance. So I made a conscious effort to develop and equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge to help people achieve their goals. My goal is to reach a pedestal from where I can easily communicate my training principles and ideas to a wide range of people across the globe.

I derive joy in helping people transform their lives and that’s what I want to continue to do with my skills.

  • Strength and performance training
  • Crossfit training
  • Designing tailored workout plans
  • Boxing

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Tubi Ibukunoluwa "IBK"

The food we eat plays a crucial role in how we look and feel and also has a great impact on our fitness. Having an exercise routine along with a menu plan is the best way to achieve whatever fitness goal you have. You need an individualized menu plan to achieve your goals. I have you covered with the best expertise. Tubi ibukunoluwa  is a certified nutritionist, with over 7 years of experience. I am a Public Health nutritionist and a trained Dietician.

Public Nutritionist and  Dietician

Aigberaedion Faith "Imani"

If I say I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to take health and fitness seriously, that’d be a big fat lie. It all started with something every millennial girl wants – to look good, you know…#Fitfam. But as my relationship with fitness progresses, I realised that fitness isn’t all about the outside but also the inside. What my body felt and looked like on the outside began to transcend into my mind. I began to realise how what I put in my body affects my general wellbeing. My relationship with food got better, I became more disciplined and adopted a better lifestyle.

I desire to share my journey with people and help them become more aware of their health and general wellbeing. The goal is to be healthy and fit not just physically but also mentally because its all starts with the mind.

  •  Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • I can create Jumpstart weight loss diets

Be Maverick