Fitness For Beginners….

If you are a beginner or newbie to working out, let me first congratulate you for making one of the best life decisions you will ever make.

Remember this decision was made by you and for you and as such, only you can make it work by sticking to the plan.

Welcome to “THE LIFE”!

OK so it doesn’t matter if you already have a gym membership or you want to start from the comfort of your homes, i will definitely give

guidelines to both approach. However, i usually advice my new clients to try to start from home before going to pay for that gym

membership. Reason? The gym is one place you can go into with all the enthusiasm in the world and lose it all in one single work out if

your mind and body hasn’t been pre-conditioned for the task at hand. So it’s always a good thing to have that body-mind or what we call

muscle-mind connection sorted out before paying a gym for membership. They will collect your money anyway, even if you don’t show

up again.

How do you do this? Work out at home. Start simple and start small. Leave the complex workouts to those who have started before you;

you just might catch up and overtake them if you do it right. Remember you are introducing your body to a set of alien activities it has

never done before, why not ease it into program. That way you can be sure of better cooperation from your body ( i didn’t say you wont

feel pain, i said cooperation) and also your stand a lesser risk of getting injured. No ego workout or ego lifting as the case may be

As a beginner, you should also concern yourself less with what you look like now, how you feel about your body and how fast you want

to achieve that body you desperately want. Like i said in my introductory post, it’s a journey and you do not start a journey now and

expect to land at your destination just like that ( except for teleportation which is quiet just a theory for now). Better put, fitness is a

marathon and not a sprint. You don’t breeze through it to your destination. You take conscious, calculated and deliberated strides

knowing fully well you are headed somewhere. Yes you will gas out, yes you might even fall along the line (injuries, surgeries, life issues

and challenges might cause this), but as long as you are not there yet, you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself and continue the

marathon. Trust me it’s worth it, in the long run.

Having fitness goals is absolutely a great idea. You having a vivid picture of what you want to look like and how you want your body to

feel is great. But you know what’s a greater idea, knowing what it will take to achieve that fitness goal, being ready to pay the price in

sweats and being patient enough for your body to adapt and be whipped into that shape.

That’s a greater idea!

Alright, enough of the motivational talks, lets get to the brass stacks of why you are here. To get fit as a beginner, i would like you to focus

on the F.I.I.T principle. Funny right? It’s a blueprint for both beginners and regular gym “rats”

The F.I.I.T guides exercisers in setting up a complete workout program, whether you’re doing cardio, strength training, or both. Using this

principle, you can manipulate different aspects of your workout to make changes, progress to higher levels, and keep things interesting.

These are the elements of F.I.T.T. and how to change them for your workout program:

Frequency: This refers to how often you exercise.

Intensity: This refers to how hard you’re working. As you get started, your focus will be on cardio workouts at a moderate intensity. As

you progress, you can gradually change the intensity levels of your workouts with interval training

Time: This refers to how long your workouts are. Your cardio workouts start at 20 to 25 minutes. Each week, add a few minutes to your

cardio workouts to progress without working too hard. 

Type: It’s important to start out with activities you enjoy, but it’s also important to cross-train and mix things up to keep both your body

and mind engaged. Once you establish an exercise habit, consider trying a variety of activities to keep things interesting.

When you workout at a sufficient intensity, time and frequency, you’ll start to see changes in your weight, body fat, endurance, and

strength. When your body adjusts to your current F.I.T.T levels, it’s time to manipulate one or more of them.

If you feel extra sore or tired, take a rest day. If you feel you’re not being challenged, increase the intensity, duration or frequency to work harder.

Do not miss the next post because it’s tailored for you. We’ll be talking about the best sets of cardio and aerobic exercises for beginners

to help you ease into your workouts.

Make a physical or mental note if you have to because your lifelong journey to fitness has officially began.


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