Introduction and Induction

The Phoenix is a mythical bird, said to be one of its kind. It has a lifespan of about 500 years after which it dies by burning to ashes on a pyre which it makes but ignited by the sun. It is then reborn from the ashes. Basically it “burns” itself up and builds itself back up from its own ashes. Isn’t that beautiful?


 It is pertinent to note that the heart is a very powerful muscle! Like the muscles in your arms or legs, the heart muscle can become stronger through physical activity. The stronger your heart the more efficient it becomes.


The symbol of the Maverick fitness and Wellness Company was built on this two outstanding phenomenon; the heart and the phoenix. Your heart giving your body the strength to rebuild itself. STRENGTH FOR REJUVENATION.

The Maverick Fitness

Let me start now by welcoming you to the Maverick Fitness and Wellness family. It’s a community here and we look out for each other’s fitness, wellness needs and goals.

 Even though most of us were born healthy, no one was actually born super fit with a “banging” body. It took a while, actually a long while before that cover page model you admire so much could achieve that body you also long for. Like they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The Maverick Company was set up with a clear vision, which is to help everyone with fitness and wellness goal access information that would help them achieve their goals. We aim to set people on the right track with practical information and real life scenarios of how to get fit, stay fit and make fitness a lifestyle as it should be.

Our team boasts of a proven body builder, an experienced aerobics and dance instructor, a dedicated strength and performance coach and public nutritionist and dietitian. All at your disposal to guide and answer all questions you might have in line with fitness and wellness. You will get to meet them as we continue on this journey together.

What do you stand to gain as a member of the family? It’s simple, FIRST CLASS INFORMATION. You can be a regular gym attendee but you may be stuck on a strength level or weight level depending on why you go to the gym. We have all been at that point where as a body builder you see no significant muscle growth or as someone who wants to lose weight, you are not seeing any changes in your body. Information is all you need. The right information on how to tweak your work out routines and personalized meal plans to get you out of the plateau on to the next level. That’s what Maverick Fitness and Wellness Company is all about, that’s what you stand to gain; clear direction on the way to go and efficient follow up from team members and the family as a whole.

Therefore, I would proudly like to welcome you again and declare you a Maverick; just because we do it our way and we get results.

So let’s ride!

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