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About Me

Hi I’m Maverick and I’m super delighted to meet you. I love fitness and healthy living,I mean what’s life void of good health?

I always look out for people like you, people who are ready to take their fitness and by extension total health serious.It doesn’t matter if you have been hitting the gym for years as a veteran or just want to start working out as a novice, we are all moving in the same direction of optimum health and fitness.It’s a personal decision and a promise you made to yourself by yourself so don’t let anything or anyone deter you from grabbing the wheels and just do what you have set out to do for yourself. I and my team are only here to show you the ropes and make the journey as enjoyable as it could possibly be. It’s definitely going to be fun even with it’s ups and downs, fun nonetheless.

Maverick supports and is here for you. Let’s ride !

Personal Training

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important Keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual

It’s a lifelong journey that I have chosen and I’m glad to be on the ride with you. The moment you clicked on that link, You became a maverick and trust me its more exciting that it sounds.

We are a community and we look out for each other irrespective of race, fitness goals or health constraints. The level of interaction on this platform must be phenomenal as we need one another to achieve our fitness goals.No one has all the information, but we can gain what we need from one another and putting it to active use.

The maverick fitness community is set up for all fitness and wellness needs:

  • Weight Loss/ Management
  • Body building
  • Resistance Training
  • Muscle Building
  • Mobility / Flexibility
  • Motivation
  • Nutritional Advice


Get to meet the wonderful people that makes up this community.You are welcome on this great journey and always remember: You’re never alone.

Olanipekun David

Personal Trainer & Fitness Enthusiast

Ogunsola Michael

Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor

Adewale Scott

Fitness Trainer & Dance Instructor

Tobi Ibukunoluwa

Public Nutritionist and Dietician

Aigberaedion Faith

Fitness Enthusiast

Health Quote

“The clock is ticking, Are you becoming the person you want to be ?

– Gregg Plitt